Stakeholders Health Safety and Welfare

The Company is committed to undertake all reasonable steps to ensure the health, safety, and welfare for the best interest of our Stakeholders and the communities where we live and work by complying with the provisions of law, industry rules and regulations, standards of independent accreditation bodies where the Company obtained accreditation, and contractual obligations.

This policy aims to:

  1. Provide a guiding principle to ensure health, safety, and welfare of the Company’s stakeholder,
  2. Identify responsibility and accountability of every personnel and department in the organization to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of Stakeholders, and
  3. Integrate health and safety practices in all activities to ensure efficiency and quality of products and services.

This policy shall define the guiding principles and responsibilities for managing health, safety and welfare of the Stakeholders of JG Summit Holdings, Inc. (JGSHI), its subsidiaries and affiliates.


Performance-enhancing mechanisms for Employee Participation

To ensure that the employees of the Company maintain a healthy balance between work and life, health and wellness programs are organized for these employees. Professionals are invited to conduct classes of Zumba, Tai Chi, and other activities in our work site. The Company has also partnered with fitness gyms to offer special membership rates to employees. This is in addition to the free use of gym facilities in the different installations.

Year on year, the Company has facilitated vaccinations such as against flu and cervical cancer that are offered not only to employees but to their dependents as well. The Company has worked with healthcare providers in identifying top diseases based on utilization report and has invited resource speakers to talk about preventive measures.

To ensure the safety of the Company’s employees, a Corporate Emergency Response Team (CERT) has been created that will be activated and will become the “command center,”, orchestrating initiatives across the conglomerate during a crisis. Also, the CERT shall be responsible for the periodic review of contingency plans and the institution’s emergency preparedness and response procedures to ensure that effective responses and responsible policies are in place to deal with crisis or emergency situations.

Company Trainings and Development Programs for Employees

JG Summit utilizes a leadership platform for systematic and sustained development programs. The John Gokongwei - Institute for Leadership and Enterprise Development (JG- ILED) aims to enable a high performing organization through facilitation of targeted and customized leadership development programs. JG-ILED courses are designed to help employees in various employee levels to advance their skills in effectively managing themselves (personal leadership), managing teams (motivational leadership), and being able to contribute significantly to the organization (strategic leadership). Moreover, the JG-ILED programs are anchored to the six (6) JG Summit Leadership Attributes, specifically being Competent, a Team Player, Entrepreneurial, Innovative, Passionate, and Strategic, which the organization believes are the most critical competencies to develop in the JG Summit’s leadership teams.

JG-ILED Vision:

  • To demonstrate the enterprise commitment to continued learning, organizational growth, and career development.
  • To enable leaders to develop strategies for competitiveness of the company.
  • To develop and grow our employees and create a deep bench of talents.

The JG-ILED curriculum comprises the following:

Core Programs

The JG-ILED Core programs are focused on building the leadership foundation, highlighting the development of personal leadership and motivational leadership.

Programs classified as Core Programs are as follows:

  • Achieving Customer Service Excellence (ACE)
  • Employee Discipline Program (EDP)
  • Basic Management Program (BMP)
  • Communicating for Leadership Success (CLS)
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making (PSDM)
  • Professional Image and Demeanor (PID)
  • My First 100 Days as a JGS Leader (F100)
  • Effective Business Communication Program (EBCP)

Executive and Management Development Programs

These programs are geared toward developing strategic leadership, targeting managers and executives.

Programs classified as Executive and Management Development Programs are as follows:

  • Finance for Senior Executives (FSE)
  • Strategic Communication Program (SCP)
  • Executive Coaching Program (ECP)
  • Advanced Negotiation Skills Workshop (ANSW)
  • Leading and Managing Change (LMC)
  • Strategy Planning and Execution (SPE)
  • Becoming a People Leader (BPL)
  • Innovative Thinking System (ITS)

Learning and Development Programs Implemented as of 2014

Metrics Core Programs Executive / Management Development Programs
Philippines Regional
number of programs implemented 84 3 16
total number of graduates 1,574 84 466

Currently, the conglomerate has over 30 certified facilitator employees who are tapped to facilitate the programs for the group.

JG-ILED continues to improve its programs to ensure it is relevant and responsive to the changing business landscape. Further, more facilitators are being certified to widen the reach of the JG-ILED programs.


The Company upholds creditors’ right by honoring contracted obligations and providing information required under the Revised Disclosure Rules and the Securities Regulation Code, if applicable, audited financial statements prepared compliant with applicable financial reporting standards, and other periodic reports compliant with the provisions of law, loan covenants and other regulatory requirements.

This policy aims to:

  1. Provide the guiding principles to ensure protection of creditors’ rights, and
  2. Identify the duties of responsible departments in protecting the rights of creditors.

This policy shall cover the documentation, reporting, and disclosure requirements to promote transparency for the protection of the rights of creditors of JG Summit Holdings, Inc. (JGSHI), its subsidiaries and affiliates.