Key to our transformation as a conglomerate is the way we impact environment, social and governance aspects of our day-to-day operation. This is commonly referred to as ESG which stands for Environment, Social and Governance or in short, Sustainability Strategy.

Sustainability is a key expectation of all our JG Summit stakeholders – from our investors who would like to see us securing the longterm success of our business through a strong Sustainability Strategy, to our growing millennial consumers who would like to patronize companies and products that help solve global issues, to our current employees and future recruits who would like to work for a company that is part of the solution rather than the problem, all the way to government and media who demand of industry leaders like us to embed sustainability as part of its overall business strategy.

In JG Summit, we recognize that the Sustainability Performance of our companies impact the communities we operate and the customers we serve.

We are therefore working towards incorporating sustainability initiatives in all JG Summit Business Units’ operations. In the long term, we aim to embed a sustainability mindset and culture among the employees of the conglomerate.