Going High Tech, Summit Outdoor Media Gears Up for the New Normal

New technology helps create campaigns that are innovative, cost-efficient, and powerful

Despite all the talk that we are now in the “New Normal,” traffic on the city’s main roads is seemingly going back to the “old” normal; and for businesses that rely heavily on outdoor advertising, that’s a good thing.

According to Summit Outdoor Media, a company that finds innovative ways for its clients to effectively reach their audience through digital and traditional out-of-home advertising, as of June 22 there has been a “162% increase in daily vehicle traffic from the numbers during the ECQ. This is actually greater than the traffic count pre-ECQ and can go even higher as traffic increases by 39% day by day.” These figures were derived from new technology featured in Summit Outdoor Media’s Vehicle Recognition Devices and Dashboard.

Data accumulated before the lockdown revealed that an average of 169,761 cars each day passed by Summit billboards on EDSA and C5 from March 1 to 14, 2020. When the enhanced community quarantine was declared, the number of vehicles in the same areas dropped to just 55,706 a day, from March 15 to May 15. However, after the quarantine was relaxed, the volume of traffic has steadily risen—a welcome development for Summit Outdoor Media’s clients who need their advertising campaigns to reach a high number of viewers, especially as many businesses are restarting their operations.

According to Managing Director Norman de Leon, “The Vehicle Recognition Devices and Dashboard together with the latest OOH media player now in use provide data on traffic patterns and audience behavior, enabling us to develop solutions for clients that are targeted, cost-efficient, and powerful. A good example of how this can be accomplished is through weather-triggered content. Based on real-time weather information, the advertisements of a popular food delivery app can change according to what customers may crave at the moment, such as displaying ice cream ads on hot days and comfort food during rainy days.”

Brands with fast-changing promotions or special offers that are available only on certain days can also make use of Summit Outdoor Media’s technology. With the company’s strategically located digital billboards, scheduling and uploading content is easy and efficient, ensuring clients reach their target audience when it’s most relevant and useful.

The same concept applies to the company’s timed ads, which can be scheduled to run at a specific date or time. This capability also allows advertisers to reach consumers on the road as an official time provider, through the Time of Day sponsorship. With the data gathered by the Vehicle Recognition Devices and Dashboard, advertisers can also choose to air their campaigns at a particular location to deliver content pertinent to the area. Or, to truly maximize their reach and impact at a specific time, clients may opt to air their content simultaneously at different locations in the city.

The dynamic digital billboards also let Summit Outdoor Media offer news tickers, countdowns, and announcements for flash sales or new product launches in catchy, attention-grabbing ways. Brands already with a strong social media presence can level up by streaming their online content with the Live Social Feed feature or airing their digital marketing events through Live Broadcast.

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