With the constantly changing business landscape brought about by the evolving needs of the public and the looming risks posed by Climate Change, Sustainability is a must for businesses to thrive. Recognizing this, the Sustainability Agenda is put forefront as the company ventures forth under the leadership of Lance Gokongwei as President and CEO. “For JGS, doing our business sustainably not only means protecting our operations from external risks but also continuing the Gokongwei legacy of service,” explains Gokongwei.

With this, JG Summit conglomerate created the Gokongwei Group Sustainability Framework to serve as the Group’s proposition in the years to come as it continues to thrive with greater sustainability through future generations. The framework consists of five key focus areas presenting what sustainability is for JGS, why it is important, and how the conglomerate would move forward with its sustainability journey through these priority areas. These key focus areas are Shared Success, Climate Action, Resource Efficiency & Circularity, Better Choices, and Employee Engagement & Development.

Thriving through Generations

Here is a closer look at the pillars of our Sustainability Framework and their alignment to UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Shared Sucess Climate Action Resource Efficiency and Circularity Better Choices Employee Engagement and Development