Quento: One App to View Them All—News, Videos, Stories & Much More

Flywheel Technologies launches a content aggregator app for today’s generation

Have you ever clicked on a link on a website, then, after viewing the content, found yourself immediately clicking on another one recommended to you by the site? By tapping into your personal interests, the site has successfully reeled you in, leading to one click after another. 

That same principle is at work in Quento, the newly launched content aggregator mobile app developed by Flywheel Technologies Singapore Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of Summit Media SG Holdings.

Now available for iPhone and Android users, Quento features locally produced content targeting Filipino users both here and abroad. The app’s current content is sourced from Summit Media’s 14 websites, but plans to bring in additional content creators are in the works.

According to Punith Holla, Head of New Product Initiatives at Flywheel Technologies, Quento’s reason for being is to deliver relevant content to today’s media and tech-savvy generation in one easy-to-use and navigate app. “In this day and age, what people expect is content that is relevant to them. They don't want to go online, browse for content, and figure out, ‘What is it that I want to watch?’ They are now expecting content providers to tell them what to watch,” says Punith. “We live in that era and that's the intent of Quento, to aggregate content from a lot of sources, personalize it for our consumers, and provide a great user experience.”

When users download and use Quento for the first time, they’re asked to select their main interests, which may include food, gadgets, news, cars, entertainment, sports, fashion, and more. They are also made to select from a list of publishers that provide the specialized content. After that, they’re ready to browse customized content on their mobile devices or tablets.

If at first some stories or videos that you aren’t interested in appear on your feed, that’s normal according to Punith. “The feed is constructed from a user’s initial data points. But in the future, when we learn through our data management platform what the user is reading, what he is liking, what he is commenting on, we will be able to churn out more articles of a similar nature that he will potentially read, and that’s what we end up showing on Quento.” Through the use of AI, the feed will become better and more customized to each individual user the more the app is used.

Quento is not only designed to give consumers a place to view all the news or videos they’re interested in, it also provides a platform for independent content producers to reach a wider audience. “Quento is sort of a marketplace. What it means is that both content consumers and content providers can find each other. Just as how we're enabling users to find or discover content, we're also enabling our content creators to discover new audiences.”

As Punith explains, Quento will first count on Summit Media’s regular readers to flock to the app. According to the company, Summit Media has over 30 million unique monthly users reading its websites, with millions more viewing content on each publication’s social media sites. “The Summit Media brands largely capture the Gen Z, millennial, urban, and affluent consumers,” says Punith, which provide an excellent takeoff point for Quento. He expects the app to resonate at first with those in the 18-to-35 age bracket, and later appeal to a wider demographic (35 to 60) once more content producers are brought onboard. 

Freshly launched in April, Quento will continuously improve and add new features in the coming months, promises Punith. “We started with articles and videos, but soon we will introduce books, podcasts, comics, and even games, among other things. We will introduce one section after the other over the course of the year, but apart from that, we also want to make the user experience really good.”

Download Quento now via the App Store or Google Play.