Robinsons Bank Gets on the Digital Map with Waze

Finding your way to a Robinsons Bank near you has never been easier

With Manila being one of the most challenging cities in the world to drive around in, a navigation app like Waze has become an almost indispensable motoring tool to the nearly 3 million Filipinos who use it regularly. But besides giving drivers step-by-step directions and informing them of the potential hazards on the road ahead, Waze has other functions too, something that Robinsons Bank has recently put to good use.

Waze makes finding the nearest

According to Chappy Sioco, Digital Marketing Department Head of RBank, the bank currently has 150 branches all around the Philippines and promoting awareness regarding their locations is something that can easily be done through Waze.  “People don’t know (where the branches are) so the best way to put it out there is through a navigation app.  We really wanted to put the bank out there, on the map, so we chose the pins. Mas madali makita. You don’t have to stop—you just click on the pin and go there.”

Recognizing the vast number of Filipinos who use Waze daily, it also made sense for RBank to advertise on the platform, which is an innovative way to generate new leads and potential customers. When Rbank’s ad pops up on the Waze user’s device, it creates awareness for the bank, informs users of nearby branches, and it can generate interest in the products and services offered by Robinsons Bank.

Since Waze operates in a digital environment, data that establishes the effectivity of the Robinsons Bank ad campaign can be gathered with ease, with user engagement with the ads measured primarily through metrics. Chief among them is the “Navigation Rate,” which counts the number of users who clicked “Drive there” right after seeing the Robinsons Bank ad. Waze also assigns “Free Search Values,” which count the number people who searched for Robinsons Bank (and/or its related keywords) directly on the Waze app, without necessarily having viewed the ad. 

“The average benchmark for the navigation rate is from 3 to 5% and we were able to hit around 5% to 6%,” shared Sioco, based on weekly analytics statistics provided by Waze. The Free Search Value statistics also revealed that the percentage of Waze users (or Wazers) who searched for a Robinsons Bank branch and subsequently drove there hit 77%, much higher than the Waze average of 70%. 

Another Waze study confirmed that Wazers who were exposed to RBank’s Waze ads remembered seeing the brand on the navigation map better than those not exposed to the ads. For RBank, one of the first Philippine banks to embrace digital advertising on Waze, this data affirms the impact this unconventional and non-traditional form of advertising and marketing can have on today’s ultra-competitive business environment and its increasingly knowledgeable and savvy consumers.

For more information, contact Robinsons Bank's Customer Care Center at 8637-CARE (2273) or domestic toll-free number: 1-800-10-8637-CARE (2273) or visit