Survey Says: URC Products Among Most Chosen Brands in the Philippines

Several of URC's well-loved brands feature in Kantar Group's Brand Footprint 2022 rankings

Universal Robina Corporation’s segment-leading products – including Great Taste, Piattos, Nova, C2, Payless, and Nissin – continue to be among the most chosen brands in the Philippines according to the London-based brand consulting firm Kantar Group.

In Kantar’s recently released Brand Footprint 2022 survey, Great Taste coffee led the way for URC as it emerged as the fourth most chosen beverage brand in the Philippines and 15th in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector.

“This survey reaffirms the quality, value-for-money, and enduring appeal to consumers of our brands,” said URC Chief Marketing Officer Mian David. “It shows us that our brands have been able not just to adapt to the challenges created by Covid-19, but also thrive as we transition to a post-pandemic environment.”

“URC’s brands such as Great Taste and Piattos have consistently been part of the most chosen brands for Total FMCG and Total Food categories in the Philippines,” affirmed Kantar Client Manager and Brand Footprint Philippines lead Bea Coronel.   

To determine the brand rankings, Kantar uses a metric called “consumer reach point” (CRP), which measures a brand’s strength based on how many shoppers are buying the brand and how often. In the 2022 survey, for instance, Great Taste chalked up 283 million CRPs, with a market penetration rate of 69.9%.

The popular potato snack Piattos, meanwhile, ranked as the seventh most chosen brand in the Philippines’ Food category, attaining 146 million CRPs and market penetration of 71.3%. The multi-grain snack Nova, another well-loved brand in URC’s portfolio, ranked 20th with 61 million CRPs and penetration of 49.7%.

Apart from Great Taste, URC had another brand listed in the Beverages category with its C2 Cool and Clean. The ready-to-drink tea placed 19th on the survey with 62 million CRPs in the Philippines. It also made an appearance in the rankings for the Vietnamese market, where it landed in the 8th spot.

URC’s Payless and Nissin instant noodles, meanwhile, were in the list of the Philippines’ Top 10 fastest-growing brands. Payless had 56 million CRPs, up 10% from a year earlier, while Nissin’s CRPs rose by 7% to 59 million.

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