Le Pont Residences: Pioneering Sustainable Living with EDGE Advanced Certification

RLC Residences leads the way in premium and planet-friendly condominium development

RLC Residences’ Le Pont Residences recently received its preliminary EDGE Advanced certification from the International Finance Corporation (IFC), attesting to the developer’s commitment to sustainable development and its leadership in pursuing a more resource-efficient future.

“Imagine coming home to a beautiful, well-designed condo where you will be greeted by natural light streaming through energy-efficient windows. Picture an open space landscaped with plants within the condo where you can enjoy nature amidst the bustling city landscape. At home, see yourself as a homeowner who contributes to water conservation. These and more are the things we had in mind when we designed Le Pont Residences, and we at RLC Residences are truly grateful to IFC for recognizing our efforts for sustainable living,” said Stephanie Anne Go, Assistant Vice President and Business Development and Design Head of RLC Residences.

Pearl Mars, EDGE East Asia and the Pacific Communications and Marketing Coordinator and Building Resilience Index Global Team Specialist (4th from left), presents the RLC Residences team with the preliminary EDGE Advanced certification for Le Pont Residences. From left: Dan Carlo Torres, Brand Management and Operations Head; Vida Ventura, Business Development Assistant Manager; Stephanie Anne Go, AVP and Business Development and Design Head; Karen Cesario, Marketing Head and Chief Integration Officer; and Czarina Lugue, Business Development Senior Director. IMAGE RLC Residences

An initiative of the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation, EDGE is a globally recognized green building standard and certification system. It empowers developers to build sustainable properties through cost-effective yet environment-friendly means while delivering high-quality properties.

The EDGE preliminary certification is an initial recognition based on the design stage of a project. Le Pont Residences’ preliminary certification indicates that its planned design meets the criteria for EDGE Advanced status, which is awarded to buildings that achieve at least 40% energy savings, 20% water savings, and 20% less embodied energy in materials compared to a conventional building. These benchmarks are higher than the requirements for the standard EDGE certification, which requires only 20% savings in energy, water, and embodied energy in materials.

First EDGE-Certified Condominium of RLC Residences

Launched in January 2023, Le Pont Residences is RLC Residences’ premium development located inside Bridgetowne Destination Estate in Pasig City. Apart from its prime features, the property is designed with sustainability and environmental stewardship in mind.

To promote water conservation, Le Pont Residences is set to have its own rainwater harvesting system within the development, where rainwater is collected and recycled for non-potable purposes, such as the watering of landscaped areas. Inside the building, common areas and condominium units will have water-efficient fixtures, from showerheads and faucets to water closets and bidets, to help lower water usage. With these features, Le Pont Residences is on track to achieve 34.66% savings in terms of water consumption, based on the evaluation of IFC’s local partner, the Philippine Green Building Initiative (PGBI).

With regard to energy-saving features, Le Pont Residences will have efficient lighting in both internal and external areas. Additionally, a well-shaded building facade, ample green landscaped areas, and well-insulated roof and walls will be implemented to help minimize heat without overreliance on cooling systems. In the parking areas, sensors will monitor carbon monoxide levels to activate the car park ventilation system as needed, ensuring a safe environment. All these measures will contribute to 45.37% energy savings, as evaluated by PGBI.

“We believe in creating homes that reflect the values and lifestyle of our homeowners, while also keeping in mind the impact of our projects on the environment. Le Pont Residences is one of the projects that brings to life this philosophy, where we've thoughtfully blended sustainable features into every aspect of our clients’ everyday life. We are optimistic that having these features will empower more home seekers to live sustainably, and we're constantly seeking new ways to design homes that are as kind to the planet as they are to you," said Go.

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