Robinsons Hotels & Resorts, ABS-CBN Foundation Partner for Sustainability Initiatives

RHR joins AFI’s pioneering environmental stewardship programs

Robinsons Hotels and Resorts and ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc. (AFI) have entered into a partnership aimed at promoting sustainability through the Bantay Baterya, Bantay Langis, and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Collection projects. Both parties signed a Memorandum of Agreement on April 1, 2024, at Holiday Inn Galleria Manila, manifesting their staunch commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility.  

The Bantay Baterya project, launched by ABS-CBN Foundation in 2000, advocates for the responsible disposal of used batteries. Under this program, used lead-acid batteries are collected in order to extract valuable metals and other materials that are essential for new battery production. Similarly, the Bantay Langis project, initiated in 2007, focuses on curbing environmental and public health hazards by facilitating the treatment and recycling of used industrial and engine oil. Meanwhile, the WEEE Collection project, launched in 2018, ensures proper recycling and disposal of electronic goods containing heavy materials that can pollute soil and water and are dangerous to human health.

Under the agreement, Robinsons Hotels and Resorts' properties will ensure proper waste disposal through accredited recycling partners of the ABS-CBN Foundation. These include Genetron International Marketing for industrial oil, Envirocare Management Precision Inc. for hazardous waste and nonferrous metals, and Oriental and Motolite Marketing Corporation for used batteries.

“This collaboration reflects our mutual principles and dedication to creating a positive impact in the communities we support. Through our partnership with ABS-CBN Foundation, we are pooling our resources and knowledge to enact substantial change,” said Barun Jolly, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Robinsons Hotels and Resorts.

Both Robinsons Hotels and Resorts and ABS-CBN Foundation are firmly dedicated to sustainability, with a particular focus on pioneering waste management and environmental awareness initiatives. By synergizing their efforts, they aim to have a greater effect on reducing land and water pollution.

“Our focus is really to find good partners who have the same values and beliefs. [We thank Robinsons Hotels and Resorts for] going along with us on the ride and trying to change people's minds and behaviors,” shared Roberta Lopez-Feliciano, Managing Director of ABS-CBN Foundation.

As the alliance between the two organizations strengthens, it represents a practical stride towards environmental sustainability and social accountability, and another significant step toward a cleaner, healthier environment.

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