Robinsons Land Wins 3G Excellence Award for Environmental Responsibility

RLC lauded for prioritizing renewable energy, enhancing resource efficiency & fostering a culture of sustainability  

Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC) was among the major honorees at the 2024 Global Good Governance (3G) Awards, earning the 3G Excellence Award for Environmental Responsibility for its efforts to achieve greater sustainability within the company and in the communities it serves.   

The 3G Awards program is a global initiative of the London-based consultancy firm Cambridge International Financial Advisory (IFA) to promote best practices in governance and sustainability. It honors individuals, governments, public and private institutions, and NGOs that “demonstrate making governance and sustainability a strategic priority of their organizations.”

Kerwin Max S. Tan, Chief Financial, Risk and Compliance Officer of Robinsons Land, said of the award, We would like to extend our utmost gratitude to 3G Awards and to Cambridge IFA for this recognition - 3G Excellence Award for Environmental Responsibility 2024. This award will inspire us to ensure our projects will prioritize obtaining environment friendly energy sources to reduce carbon footprint alongside our other ESG initiatives. We shall continue seeking considerable opportunities to lower emissions across the life cycle of our buildings and developments and shall continue to contribute in the fight against climate change while creating value for our stakeholders and society. 

The 3G Awards ceremony, held on April 29, 2024, was a key component of the Global Good Governance Summit organized by Cambridge IFA in partnership with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Under the theme “Aligning Good Governance with UN SDGs,”  The 3G Summit in Manila brought together local and international business leaders, government officials, philanthropists, and influential global figures to discuss strategies for fostering a sustainable and prosperous future for all. 

In the 3G panel discussion “Innovative Leadership for Sustainable Future: Uniting Governance, Industry, and Philanthropy towards SDGs’ Achievement,” Ramon Rivero, RLC Head of Corporate Planning and Strategy, shared Robinsons Land’s award-winning approach to sustainability. 

According to Rivero, the company’s first significant steps to strategically align with the UN SDGs began in 2018, when it began reporting its sustainability metrics to the SEC. Initially seen as a luxury, the disclosure of sustainability metrics has become a fundamental requirement, both for compliance and satisfying market demand, as RLC’s customers grew more conscious of their personal impact on the environment. 

RLC's leadership underscores the importance of embedding sustainability into the company's core objectives, which is reflected in the integration of sustainability goals into the corporate scorecard. Rivero noted that this ensures that every level of the organization – from the CEO to the general managers of RLC’s different units, such as RLC Residences, Robinsons Homes, and Robinsons Offices, among others – is accountable for achieving these goals.

To monitor and drive sustainability performance, RLC employs concrete metrics such as employee engagement, energy and water intensity usage, and waste management. Additionally, Rivero emphasized the importance of educating and building awareness among employees about sustainability frameworks and measures. To foster a culture of sustainability from the ground up, the company has also established sustainability champions within its various divisions.

A prime example of RLC's impactful sustainability initiatives is the significant investment made in renewable energy and energy conservation. To date, solar panels have been installed in 24 Robinsons Malls, and greater efforts are underway to source renewable energy from the retail market. Energy-efficient practices such as the installation of LED lights and modern, efficient equipment like chillers for its malls, are also in place. RLC is committed to obtaining globally recognized green certifications such as LEED and EDGE for its residential and office properties, ensuring that new developments are designed for maximum energy and water efficiency. While retrofitting older properties presents challenges, efforts are made to enhance their efficiency wherever possible.

Further enlightening the audience at the 3G Summit, Rivero shared that what links these various initiatives together is the 3P’s model: People, Planet, and Profit. “Profit is something you can put your fingers on. It's very tangible. When you focus on profit, you probably get more of the market share or you make your slice of the pie bigger. But the whole pie, if it's not sustainable, also shrinks over time. That's the reason we included people and planet metrics into our scorecard,” said Rivero. “If you hit that sweet spot, then it's magic. You get the savings, you help the planet, lessen your carbon footprint, and you're able to help the community.” 

These keen insights shared at the 3G Summit as well as RLC’s 3G Excellence Award for Environmental Responsibility reflect the company's alignment with global sustainability standards and its ongoing commitment to creating a positive impact on our environment. By prioritizing renewable energy, enhancing resource efficiency, and fostering a culture of sustainability among its employees, RLC is purposefully fulfilling its mission: developing vibrant, delightful, and lasting real estate developments that create a catalyst for new opportunities and a better life.

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