All Systems Go for GoRobinsons!

Robinsons Supermarket’s online store is now open to the public
by Robinsons Supermarket And JG Summit Teams | Jul 13, 2020
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True to the mission of Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc. to continuously engage and delight shoppers with products and services relevant to their needs, GoRobinsons—the new online store of Robinsons Supermarket—makes it easy and convenient for everyone to shop for their essentials anywhere, anytime.

Adopting an agile approach, the team behind GoRobinsons initially offered the service to employees of the Gokongwei Group in early May. Customers found the delivery service helpful, particularly since people were encouraged to stay at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As other established grocery sites were also often fully booked and orders were not being served quickly enough because of the surge in demand, a new player was a welcome alternative.

“We had to fast-track the creation of the site to address our customers’ needs. We needed to be agile to make it happen. We used data from our closed beta within the Gokongwei Group to help improve our service before opening it up to the public,” said Edna Belleza, RRHI Digital Transformation Lead and Project Head for GoRobinsons. 

Publicly launched on June 3, the online store is stocked with basic essentials from Robinsons Supermarket that can now be ordered and delivered right to the customer’s doorstep. GoRobinsons offers same-day delivery, but customers may also order up to three days in advance. Besides offering online shoppers peace of mind with a secure payment facility, they’re also guaranteed to get the same prices for their products as if they shopped at the actual store.

“Robinsons Supermarket is proud to pilot GoRobinsons. We are not new to e-commerce but having this platform supports our business strategy. This also provides an option for customers to be safe and healthy at their homes by having their groceries delivered,” said Jody Gadia, managing director of RRHI’s supermarket segment.

To achieve good customer experience, RRHI’s IT department built tech infrastructure that helps manage fulfillment rates, ensuring that GoRobinsons is able to deliver the products that customers ordered online. According to RRHI Chief Information Officer Stephen Yap, “We are exerting efforts in making sure that we optimize our inventory real-time as we understand that this is key to customer satisfaction.”

Since its launch, the online site has expanded its area coverage to include Makati, Mandaluyong, San Juan, Cainta, Pasig, Marikina, and Lower Antipolo. These areas are being served by two Robinsons Supermarket branches, Metroeast and Pioneer. Another milestone was set on July 3, when the cash on delivery option was made available. It’s a welcome development that’s likely to increase trial and conversion for GoRobinsons.

With its agile approach, more milestones are expected in the coming weeks. Based on the customer satisfaction ratings the delivery service has been getting so far, GoRobinsons is off to a good start.

To shop for your essentials online, visit gorobinsons.ph

BANNER IMAGE: iStock/Kiwis

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