Purpose, Core Values and Ambition

Our Purpose

JG Summit Holdings, Inc. has an unrelenting commitment to provide our customers with better choices, creating shared success with our stakeholders.

Our Core Values

Entrepreneurial Mindset

We strive for growth with a resilient, passionate and agile mindset with focus on living out our purpose to provide our customers with better choices.


We are fully responsible for the resources entrusted to us, be they financial, environmental, and people. We make sure that they are managed well and cared for, all with sustainability at the forefront.


We will act with honor in all our undertakings and with all our stakeholders, upholding the principle of always doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do, even when no one else is watching.


By 2024, JG Summit Holdings, Inc. will solidify its position among the largest conglomerates in the Philippines.