Here’s How Robinsons Bank Helps Businesses Move Forward in the New Normal

RBank introduces new products as e-commerce & contactless transactions grow
by Robinsons Bank And JG Summit Teams | Jul 31, 2020
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With the “new normal” in place, many Filipinos have begun exploring the online marketplace to bring an alternative means of livelihood. With a broad range of items such as baked goods, handcrafted masks, electronics, and more on offer, the e-commerce landscape is brimming with many exciting business opportunities.

As e-commerce and the global trend for contactless transactions both continue to grow, Robinsons Bank introduces the RBank Biz Portal and RBank QuickR QR Code capability–new safe and efficient ways to help buyers and sellers manage their business during this crisis.

Wider choices mean greater opportunities

RBank Biz is a free online platform that helps business owners, even online sellers on Facebook, manage their cashflow. 

No matter how small or big the business is, RBank offers online and offline payment channels such as point-of-sale terminals for debit and credit cards, e-commerce payment solutions, and QR code payments for cashless, cardless, and contactless transactions. And not only does RBank Biz provide more payment options to customers, it also offers ease and security in completing their transactions.

As the RBank Biz platform accepts payments from other local banks, it allows business owners to reach a larger customer base. What's more, it gives their businesses added visibility on RBank's website.

Soon, RBank Biz will enable a Merchant Dashboard where RBank merchants can easily track their receivables, providing a powerful sales monitoring facility for their businesses.  

Interested e-commerce sellers and micro business owners can apply here to become an RBank Merchant through an easy digitized application process. Depending on the type of business, the process can be as quick as three days.

Enjoy the QuickR way to pay and receive payments via QR

With the gradual shift to contactless transactions, RBank QuickR is the perfect solution to avoid handling cash and remain safe from the COVID-19 virus.

RBank’s QR (QuickR way to pay) is a cashless payment option that allows RBank accountholders to send and receive digital payments from other RBank accounts or RBank Biz merchants via QR code, and without investing in any hardware.

Through RBank QuickR, contact between merchants and customers is minimized, and payments received are directly credited to the RBank account in real-time, ensuring efficient cash flow. Users need not worry, as all information transferred via QR code is encrypted and secure. In the next phase of implementation, RBank QuickR will have the capability to receive payments from other banks, helping merchants expand their potential customer base. 

To cater to the market's changing needs especially as the world adjusts to the new normal, Robinsons Bank is committed to its promise to expand its products and services to serve its customers better and to be their partner towards a brighter future.

For inquiries and concerns, you may reach Robinsons Bank through its Customer Care Center at (02) 8637-CARE (2273) or domestic toll-free 1-800-10-637-CARE (2273); or visit its website at robinsonsbank.com.ph. Like us on Facebook at facebook.com/robinsonsbank. Stay updated and join RBank’s Viber Community at https://bit.ly/RBankCommunity.

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