Need a Salary Advance? Get It Quickly & Easily Through RBank’s InstaBale

The new product provides qualified employees with fast, safe, and reliable access to cash
by Robinsons Bank And JG Summit Teams | Jul 29, 2021
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True to Robinsons Bank’s mission to “be better every day” and give its customers the best experience, the financial arm of the Gokongwei Group now offers the InstaBale facility through its RBank Digital App.

No matter how carefully we budget our salaries, certain situations pop up from time to time that require us to have extra cash on hand. For these unforeseen financial emergencies, it’s reassuring to know that RBank’s InstaBale, an innovative financial product that allows eligible employees to make a cash advance on their upcoming salary credits, is there to save the day.

Employees can skip filling up forms or having to wait long for approval, since they can easily apply for an InstaBale advance through the RBank Digital App. No enrollment is needed, and once approved, the InstaBale amount is credited immediately to the employee’s RBank account. There’s no need to worry about remembering payment due dates, since the availed cash advance is automatically deducted from an employee’s upcoming payroll credits.

Another plus is that as long as clients stay within their cash advance limits, they can avail themselves of multiple InstaBale transactions. The InstaBale amount can range from Php 1,000 to Php 200,000, although each individual employee’s maximum limit is determined by the bank.

A much-needed financial instrument in these uncertain times, InstaBale gives employees extra financial flexibility as it provides quick, safe, and reliable access to funds whenever they’re required. 

InstaBale is available to qualified employees with payroll accounts serviced by Robinsons Bank. Don’t have the RBank Online app yet? Learn how to download it here: robinsonsbank.com.ph/rbank-digital/rbank-digital-online-banking

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