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About the Cover

When faced with a monumental challenge, few are able to swiftly form high-impact solutions to make the situation better. It requires agility and adaptability to achieve a transformational outcome. 

This year, JG Summit swiftly addressed the effects of the pandemic, using its “How to Win” and “Where to Play” strategy to maximum effect. The company was agile in business, as well as steady and firm in uplifting communities to better endure this critical time. 

By focusing on employee health and safety, operations and supply chain continuity, cash, costs and liquidity management, and helping communities deal with the pandemic, JGS was able to weather the unexpected storm. The company also doubled its efforts to explore new business opportunities. 

This year’s cover demonstrates the diverse response throughout JG Summit’s businesses - its fluid and agile response that demonstrated firm leadership, mindfulness, and strength to balance business in the face of turmoil and change.

Chairman's Message

With the rapid shift in consumer behavior, we have to be agile in addressing the ever-changing needs of our customers. Thus, it is imperative that we embed strong customer-centric discovery and in-sighting processes as well as accelerate our digital transformation.
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President & CEO’s Report

Coming from a very strong 2019, COVID-19 has clearly disrupted the business which dented our 2020 operating and financial results. Nonetheless, our diversified portfolio of market-leading businesses coupled with the strength of our balance sheet helped us navigate the situation.
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Our COVID-19 Response

With the rise of the pandemic in 2020, JG Summit remained focused on its sustainability agenda: Thriving Through Generations. 

The public health crisis sparked economic setbacks across the nation’s major sectors, which made our vision of continued and inclusive growth more relevant than ever. As part of our comprehensive sustainability efforts, JGS made it an immediate and long-term priority to address the effects of the global pandemic. 

We formed a pandemic recovery plan, advocating the well-being of all our stakeholders: employees, customers, and the greater local community.
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  • JGS at a Glance

    Key Business Metrics

  • JGS At A Glance: Key Business Metrics

    Our portfolio diversity cushioned the impact of COVID-19, driven by the resiliency of our food, banking, and office segments, while heavily impacted businesses began to recover quarter on quarter.
    Consolidated Performance


    221.6 billion

    Core Net Income

    450 million

    Key Financials excluding Cebu Air, Inc. which operates in one of the most challenged industries globally due to COVID-19


    199.0 billion

    Core Net Income

    15.3 billion

    UR C C EB R L C J G S PG R Bank O t h e rs T o t al 1Q20 2Q20 3Q20 4Q2 0 Re venu es ac ro ss JGS’ business units show sustained quar te rly improvements from 2 Q 2. 3 11 .4 2. 8 33 .5 15.9 67 .9 48 .6 2. 5 3. 8 4. 4 34 .0 1. 4 50 .7 2. 1 4. 5 7. 3 32 .4 2. 0 54 .4 2. 3 5. 2 6. 8 33 .2 3. 3 -8 -6 -4 -2 0 2 4 6 8
  • The Company’s robust balance sheet provides enough ballast to weather the pandemic.

    20 18 81 9. 3 928. 3 99 9. 6 2019 (in billion pesos ) To tal Asset s 2020
    20 18 36 7. 5 40 8. 6 40 8. 1 2019 (in billion pesos ) To tal Equi ty 2020
    0. 93 0 .67 0. 96 1. 02 0. 78 0 .67 20 18 2019 2020 Health y Cu rr en t and Gearing ra ti os
  • Continuous shareholder value maximization as JGS’ share price outperformed the PSEi in 2020

    Declared and Distributed

    Cash dividends totaling

    2.7 billion

    or ₱0.38 per share
    Stock dividends equivalent to


    of outstanding shares