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Board of Directors

James L. Go
Lance Y. Gokongwei
Director, President & CEO
Antonio L. Go
Independent Director
Cirilo P. Noel
Johnson Robert G. Go, Jr
Jose T. Pardo
Independent Director
Lily G. Ngochua
Patrick Henry C. Go
Renato T. De Guzman
Independent Director
Robina Gokongwei-Pe

JGS Corporate Center

The corporate center unit’s (CCU) primary purpose is to enable the holding company and the SBUs achieve the group’s ambitions. In 2020, we have accelerated JG Summit’s enterprise transformation with respect to the corporate center organization design to shift its focus to business results delivery, ecosystem leverage, as well as business and organizational sustainability. Anchored on customer centricity, we believe this will help the CCUs provide better value to the SBUs and our stakeholders.

Executive Officers/ Corporate Center Heads
Name Position
James L. Go Chairman
Lance Y. Gokongwei President and Chief Executive Officer
Michael P. Liwanag Senior Vice President, Investor Relations and Chief of Staff
Bach Johann M. Sebastian Senior Vice President, Strategic Investments
Nicasio L. Lim Senior Vice President, Corporate Human Resources
Maria Celia H. Fernandez-Estavillo Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Andre Ria B. Buzeta-Acero Assistant Corporate Secretary
Renato T. Salud Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability
Aldrich T. Javellana Senior Vice President and Treasurer
Francisco M. Del Mundo Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Compliance Officer
Lisa Y. Gokongwei-Cheng Senior Vice President, Digital Transformation and Corporate Services
Carlos G. Santos Vice President, Corporate Services and Chief Information Officer
Alan D. Surposa Senior Vice President, Chief Procurement Officer
Emmanual de Pano Vice President, Corporate Internal Audit (+ October 31, 2020)
Rya Raissa S. Agustin Officer-in-Charge, Corporate Internal Audit (effective November 1, 2020)
Ian Pajantoy Data Protection Officer

Strategic Business Unit Heads

Irwin C. Lee

President and
Chief Executive Officer,
Universal Robina Corporation

Frederick D. Go

President and
Chief Executive Officer,
Robinsons Land Corporation

Michael B. Szucs

Chief Executive Adviser, 
Cebu Air, Inc.

Patrick Henry C. Go

President and
Chief Executive Officer,
JG Summit Petrochemicals Group

Elfren Antonio S. Sarte

President and
Chief Executive Officer,
Robinsons Bank Corporation

Elmer M. Malolos

President and
Chief Executive Officer,
Data Analytics Ventures, Inc. and JG Digital Equity Ventures, Inc.