At JG Summit Holding, Inc., we understand that consumer trust and loyalty to our Strategic Business Units depend on the consistent delivery of products and services that are safe, have high quality, and accessible. Our commitment to quality and accessibility have anchored our operations through generations, helping us flourish as one of the leading conglomerates in the Philippines. By providing exemplary goods and services that are readily available, the JGSHI subsidiaries are able to serve a wide range of Filipinos and share inclusive growth with our stakeholders.

Design and Innovation toward Quality and Excellence

Over the years, JG Summit Holdings, Inc. has been able to provide quality and excellence to people by crafting our own distinctive and pioneering products and services and investing in innovative products from credible suppliers. These products and services are what drive JGSHI forward as a leading conglomerate in the Philippines. Each company under JGSHI has its own approach to innovation with practices tailored to maximize impact on the specific brand.

Ensuring Customer Wellbeing

Innovation in JG Summit and its subsidiaries is driven by their commitment to customer wellbeing. We understand that people are drawn to goods and services that fulfill their needs and improve quality of life. By focusing on the satisfaction of customers, the group has been able to create long-term brand loyalty and success. For the SBUs, this means delivering healthier, safer, and more secure products and services to consumers. It also involves making an impact on a macro level through methods like creating systems to protect vulnerable sectors like children. Moreover, prioritizing customer wellbeing ensures that quality and excellence is maintained in JG Summit’s products and services.

Driving Quality at the Supply Chain

After designing products and services that meet customer wellbeing comes the production and distribution of these materials. Management of the supply chain is important in facilitating the uninterrupted flow of products and services from suppliers to end consumers. To ensure a successful supply chain, JG Summit and its subsidiaries maintain a robust system of suppliers.

Reaching Underserved Markets

At JG Summit, we believe that quality goods and services should be accessible to all. Given that a significant chunk of the population consists of underserved markets, making our products and services accessible to these markets presents the opportunity to bring greater value to the company. Our subsidiaries continue to innovate to become available to more Filipinos, removing financial, geographic, and other systemic barriers that prevent underserved sectors from availing of our goods and services. By opening our doors to a wider base of consumers, our subsidiaries generate higher engagement and revenue for shareholders as well as creates a greater social impact.

Listening to Our Customers

Listening to our customers is at the heart of the JG Summit’s success and sustainability. As a company that is guided by consumers’ needs and wants, it is essential for JGSHI and its subsidiaries to get customer feedback. In doing so, JGSHI and its subsidiaries can anticipate the needs of their clients, understand the demand, and ensure the market is supplied with safe, high-quality, and innovative goods and services.