How To Win

Strategy Enablers

In order for JGS to succeed with our portfolio strategy and adequately support our Strategic Business Units (SBUs) to propel overall conglomerate growth, we will have to strengthen our capabilities as a parent and help transform the organization as a whole. Using a group-wide, inclusive and collaborative approach while keeping in mind our new purpose, values and long-term ambition, we will drive positive changes across the group, focusing on the following critical strategy enablers: leadership and people development, digital transformation, sustainability, and customer-centricity.

We will build a leadership that creates conditions for employee engagement and high performance. This involves building a culture around purpose, values and critical leadership attributes for the future; targeted attraction and retention of key talents; further development of leadership and functional capabilities; and building resilient and highly collaborative teams upholding continuous improvement and integrity.

We will harness new ways of working and technology to maximize core growth and productivity, and generate value through ecosystem technologies. This involves maximizing productivity via digitalization of the core, as well as pursuing new business opportunities by fusing technology, the JG Summit’s eco-system and data.

We will have a stronger focus on the external customer and employees through enhanced employee and customer experience. This involves streamlining processes and driving robust innovation across businesses, optimizing synergies between the Corporate Center Units (CCUs) and the different SBUs, as well as making SBUs and CCUs work faster and more responsive to customer needs and wants.
We will accelerate the definition of sustainability philosophy, policy, programs and practices that are integrated into all businesses and stakeholder engagements across the group. This involves developing an inclusive Environmental, Social and Governance Program and Risk Management Framework, and institutionalizing people and planet friendly culture.

"Using a group-wide, inclusive and collaborative approach while keeping in mind our new purpose, values and long-term ambition, we will drive positive changes across the group"

Digital Transformation Office

In 2019, in the first full year of its existence, the JG Summit Digital Transformation Office (DTO) worked with several business units to launvch and market products using new ways of working like design thinking and agile project management.
Among these products were an end-to-end hotel management portal for Robinsons Hotels & Resorts; digital sellers and buyers portals for Robinsons Land Corporation’s Residential Division; a digital employee loan platform for Robinsons Bank; and order management platforms for both Global Exports and Agro-Industrial Group of Universal Robina Corporation. Many other projects across the conglomerate are in various stages of completion, enabled by the DTO.

A key milestone was the Launchbox, a 5-month training program that teaches participants from various business units how to launch innovative digital products, from the discovery phase all the way to product delivery. The participants not only learn new skills but also bring a product to market at the end of the process. Among the products are a homeowner management platform to improve homeowner experience in Robinsons Land residential developments as well as a QR payment product for Robinsons Bank.

Furthermore, the DTO helped launch new digital initiatives to improve experiences for employees and suppliers.

JGS Employee Experience Initiative

JG Summit recognizes that our employees’ day-to-day experiences play a crucial role in their productivity and engagement, which in turn lead to organizational performance. As we strive to innovate continuously to deliver great customer experience, we believe that starting from within by providing a fulfilling employee experience is key. In support of that objective, we have formally created an Employee Experience department under Corporate Human Resources with the mandate of enhancing key touchpoints in the employee journey by gathering continuous feedback, addressing employee pain points, and in turn drive efficient processes and systems to provide a more fulfilling employee experience.

The roles in this department are multidisciplinary. Change Management, Technology, and Digital Transformation are key skills in this group to successfully drive the changes needed. The group champions continuous improvement projects by working with different teams to remove redundant steps in our processes and innovate ways of doing things, which leads to reduction of processing time and greater efficiency. One of its major projects launched, in collaboration with the DTO, is the Employee Service Portal that transformed how employee services are requested and processed, such as loans, benefit claims, and certificates. The platform paved the way for employees to track their requests digitally, access information in 1 central location and facilitate self-service where possible. The intent is to further widen the scope and integrate our key systems to this platform to make experiences more seamless for our employees. Because of these interventions, we received very positive feedback from our employees so far.

One of the big factors in this initiative’s success is the agile methodology that this department has adapted. Continuous and incremental improvements aligned to a defined roadmap has been established to innovate constantly. In 2020, our organization intends to continue the momentum it has gained. By improving the employee experience with a number of integrated projects, our employees will maximize their productivity and increase engagement while reducing attrition to support our business objectives.

“Using a group-wide, inclusive and collaborative approach while keeping in mind our new purpose, values and long-term ambition, we will drive positive changes across the group”