Corporate Social Responsibility

“Championing excellence and equity in education, GBF will strive to expand reach while ensuring sustained impact.”
Grace R. Colet, Executive Director

Gokongwei Brothers Foundation (GBF) was established in 1992 with the goal of having a lasting impact on education in the Philippines. Guided by its mission of building the future through education, GBF works toward advancing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), believing this is the driving force for sustainable national development.

The Foundation’s first major project was an industry-standard Technical Training Center (TTC) built in Pasig City in 1999. Initially supporting the upskilling of JG Summit's technical workers, GBF TTC is currently the home of the GBF Iskolar ni Juan Technical-Vocational Scholarship Program.

Through its various scholarship programs like Iskolar ni Juan, GBF has supported outstanding students in college, high school, and technical-vocational fields since 2006.

By providing support to reputable schools, GBF hopes to strengthen academic programs that are vital in nation-building. Its endowment to the Ateneo de Manila University led to the renaming of its business school to the John Gokongwei School of Management in 2002. In 2011, an endowment to De La Salle University led to the renaming of its engineering program to the Gokongwei College of Engineering.

To maximize reach and impact, GBF has partnered with JG Summit Business Units and fellow education-oriented organizations in efforts such as providing scholarships, enabling quality internship for scholars, and donating school buildings.

2018 Performance

As of yearend 2018, GBF has supported 589 scholars through graduation. Of which, 39% graduated in 2018. Among GBF’s 402 enrolled scholars, more than half are pursuing STEM courses in college. GBF offered seven scholarship programs in 2018:

The GBF NextGen Scholarship for Excellence provides financial support to outstanding children and siblings of JG Summit Holdings, Inc., Subsidiaries and Affiliates' employees.

Year Launched: 2010
Graduates: 106
Enrolled Scholars: 100

In partnership with URC-BCFG, GBF grants the fully-subsidized one-year Iskolar ni Juan Technical-Vocational Scholarship to high school graduates interested in industrial machine operation. Boarded at the GBF TTC, scholars undergo GBF’s signature TESDA-registered courses followed by on-the-job training and employment at URC-BCFG.

Year Launched: 2014
Graduates: 224
Enrolled Scholars: 120

The GBF STEM Scholarship for Excellence supports outstanding STEM undergraduate students with strong leadership potential and enrolled in top-ranked Philippine universities. Only students at the top 30% of the course batch qualify for this program. To help ensure quality on-the-job training and employment for scholars, GBF works with partner JG Summit Business Units such as JG Summit Petrochemicals Group, South Star Drug, Robinsons Land Corporation, URC Agro-Industrial Group, URC Flour and Pasta Division, URC Sugar and Renewables Group, and Robinsons Bank.

Year Launched: 2011
Graduates: 114
Enrolled Scholars: 90

As part of GBF’s endowment to De La Salle University, the DLSU Gokongwei College of Engineering Grant is awarded to outstanding students taking any undergraduate course offered by DLSU GCOE. Scholars are supported from first year to graduation.

Year Launched: 2012
Graduates: 37
Enrolled Scholars: 64

Similarly, the Ateneo John L. Gokongwei Scholarship is granted to academically excellent but financially needy students of the Ateneo John Gokongwei School of Management. Scholars are supported from first year to graduation.

Year Launched: 2006
Graduates: 22
Enrolled Scholars: 8

Meanwhile, GBF awards the St. Stephen’s High School Scholarship to exemplary but indigent high school students at the Chinese school. Scholars are supported from Grades 7 to 12.

Year Launched: 2012
Graduates: 10
Enrolled Scholars: 10

GBF sponsors outstanding students taking bachelor’s degree in Education specializing in STEM through the Philippine Business for Education’s (PBEd) 1000 Teachers Program. With the GBF-PBEd Scholarship for Future Science and Mathematics Teachers, GBF partakes in ensuring a pool of new-breed quality STEM teachers and consequently contributes in science culture building among Filipino learners.

Year Launched: 2018
Enrolled Scholars: 10

2018 Major Developments

GBF strengthened linkages with JG Summit Business Units and strategic partners to further its thrust to advance STEM education. JG Summit BU partners for education-to-employment opportunities for scholars also increased from 6 to 8 in 2018.

Eight JG Summit BUs participated in the pilot rollout of GBF’s problem-based OJT program for its college scholars. GBF also worked with URC-BCFG in standardizing the Iskolar ni Juan OJT curriculum. Ensuring better learning experience for scholars, the improved design enables translation of their intensive technical training into competence and productivity in the workplace.

In 2018, GBF optimized and streamlined its scholars sourcing processes to ensure that the most deserving Filipino youth are given the leg up. GBF put systems in place to measure its programs’ impact and improve stakeholders’ experience through efforts such as graduated scholars tracking and beneficiary feedback mechanism. GBF also started the work on its organization website and social media platforms for improved communication with current and future beneficiaries and partners.

Key external partners engaged in 2018 include PBEd and the University of the Philippines National Institute for Science and Mathematics Development (UP NISMED), with GBF pledging support for their programs for would-be and current science and mathematics educators. GBF also started building the foundation of strong ties with the Department of Education (DepEd) and its division offices through determined exploration of partnership opportunities. In September, GBF sponsored the national assembly of DepEd leaders, the largest gathering of education officials from the national to school levels.

gbf scholars
gbf scholar

Future Business Outlook

In the years to come, GBF will continue to actualize its vision for every Filipino to have access to education that enables them to work and contribute to family and the country. The Foundation strives to contribute significantly in honing STEM professionals who will lead nation-building through innovation. GBF expects to increase its scholars by 41% in 2019 and continue to expand annually moving forward.

In 2019, GBF TTC will transfer to a new site in Calamba City. In its maiden year, the new GBF TTC will host Iskolar ni Juan supported by URC BCFG and a new partner, URC SURE. The partnership with URC SURE will focus on reaching out to high-potential youth in Visayas. In the next years, GBF TTC hopes to serve more youth and educators through free certification training programs on relevant areas for future readiness such as artificial intelligence, data science, IT support, big data, latest food and agricultural technology, and other technical skills.

New GBF initiatives in 2019 include helping build UP NISMED’s KaSaMa Teachers website which is envisioned to be the largest online community of Filipino K to 12 science and mathematics teachers. Offering quality teaching resources and alternative professional development opportunities through webinar series, the website targets to reach 20% of the total population of Filipino science and mathematics teachers in five years.

Further in 2019, GBF will grant graduate scholarship to STEM educators, and build a website providing localized content to help students navigate through education and career opportunities in STEM.